OPUS CAM Turning

All you need for your turning machine pool


Create NC programs for your lathes in a simple, fast and user-friendly way with the OPUS turning module. 

OPUS supports both simple 2-axis lathes and highly complex multi-axis lathes with main and counter spindle, several tool slides and driven tools.

The graphic display of your turning operations makes programming easier and helps you to avoid problems and collisions already during the programming.

Combine turning and milling operations, synchronize multi-slide operations, machine on the main and sub spindles, etc.

Turning 2-N Axis with C-, Y- and B-Axis



  • Pre-machining, manual path generation

  • Face and longitudinal roughing

  • Contour parallel roughing

  • Roughing of falling contours

  • Smoothing routine

  • Thread chasing outside and inside

  • Stitching routines (pre-stitching, finishing stitching, cutting off, stitch turning)

  • Internal machining with sectional view

  • Main and counter spindle with reclamping routines

  • Support of tailstock and steady rests

  • Recalculation after geometry change

  • Instant path display with 3D tool

  • Display switchable from 2D to 3D and vice versa

  • Cutting edge radius compensation, output G41/G42

  • Processing database

Example: Setting-up of a CTX BetaTC